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Often, the connections between AV components: sources (CD, LP, BD), surround receiver, monitor / projector, amplifier(s), and speakers is frequently  assumed to be of little consequence. After all, as long as there is electron flow there will be signal transfer, and music will be heard and the picture will be seen. But this is only part of the equation, particularly once a well chosen system is outfitted with superior cable technologies that afford a level of personal enjoyment usually reserved for the best LIVE performances!

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Having been a reviewer and contributing writer since 1969 (including audio, video, microphone, and power cables and the effects of various wiring on absolute performance) for many magazines including Stereo Review, High Fidelity, Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, AV Revolutions, and recently Widescreen Review and TONEAudio Publications, many of the finest examples of audio technology are here, in the Kipnis Studios KSS)™ equipment review inventory, ready for comparison.

Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS)™ takes the mystery out of such a complex sea of choices and explanations, providing you with the Perfect cable solution for each and every area of signal distribution. Count on experiencing an entirely new level picture and sound resolution, unlike anything you are accustomed to from home theater, music listening, and cinema viewing.

“Don’t lose the incredible performance within each of your components : Ask KSS™ about Cable & Interconnects that will allow YOUR  Audio and Video to perform beyond your HIGHEST expectations!”

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Without a good cable, you simply won’t see the great video image your expensive plasma or LCD/LED monitor can deliver. Conventional high-end HDMI cables have plastic insulation that’s too thick and copper wires that are too fat; this distorts video data streams, just like it distorts audio data and signals. So we decided to try making a great HDMI cable using the same design ideas that make our audio cables so astonishingly good: thinner conductors, less insulation, and better dielectric materials than any of the famous high-end video cables. Then we added in the chemical and thermal treatments that work so well on our audio wires; they took our HDMIs up another sizable notch.

After hundreds of viewing tests during our R&D, we ran a final viewing panel comparison to test just how good our final design was: Mapleshade’s Vivilink versus the $1500 Audioquest Diamond HDMI (2m), a current industry reference. Unanimous result: the panel saw more brilliant colors, more shadow detail, subtler pastel shades, better edge resolution, blacker blacks and less washed-out whites with the Vivilink; none on the panel saw any downside. With these findings in hand, we confidently guarantee our Vivilink delivers similar or better results against other top of the line HDMIs such as Wireworld, Crystal, PS Audio, Kimber, Siltech, Furutech, Acoustic Zen, Synergistic, Tara Lab, and Acoustic Zen.

Consider the following statement (by Mapleshade):

Monster Cablehttp://www.monstercable.com/

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